Adrian Lee, a sixteen year old majorette with a reputation for being easy because she enjoys casual sex. Adrian's mother is a flight attendant who often is away from home because of her job. Adrian's father was absent from Adrian's childhood, but is now making an effort to reconnect with her. Her broken background has made Adrian emotional, hidden under her tough exterior. She wants to feel loved, and so she continues her on-off casual relationship with Ricky, though he constantly pursues other girls. Adrian later decides that she wants a more serious relationship with Ricky and tells him that she loves him. They decide that they will work at being in a relationship and although Adrian agrees to stop having sex with other boys, Ricky says he still wants to have sex with other girls. Adrian later has sex with Ben in an attempt for revenge, after finding out that Ricky and Amy kissed. Adrian later discovers that she's pregnant with Ben's baby. At first she decided to have an abortion, she even talked with a counselor from the clinic. Her dad was not supportive of her choice with terminating the pregnancy. Adrian soon decides not to go through with an abortion and is planning on keeping the baby instead.